Tequila Time!

If you didn’t already know, today is National Margarita Day! If you’re asking what does that have to do with the post title, margaritas (we’ll call them “margs” for short) are supposed to be made with tequila. I, personally, am not a huge fan of margaritas year-round but they are a fun go-to drink choice for when the weather is a bit hotter. I’m already looking forward to Cinco de Mayo. As we know from the 5 Golden Rules to Follow post, the quality of tequila used to make your marg will be dependent on the type of bar you’re at. Your standard run of the mill Mexican restaurant will probably serve you something you’ve never heard of while more upscale places will mix your margs with brands I’ll be comparing in this post. The worst thing I’ve had a margarita prepared with was Everclear, 30oz of Everclear margarita.
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5 Golden Rules to Follow at the Bar

This week’s post is a simple but oh so necessary crash course on how to properly order drinks at the bar. Nothing’s worst than annoying your bartender by asking for clarification on simple questions. Not seeming confident or relatively knowledgable at the bar can lead to your bartender giving you rookie drink suggestions and money traps. You don’t want to tell your friends you paid $10 for a bottom shelf liquor over ice.

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