Is Ticonderoga the Best Bar in Atlanta?

It’s March but we’re not talking margaritas over here. I can’t remember the last time I had a margarita now that I think about it. Anyways, Brown at the Bar is back with another bar review. I’ve been to quite a few bars since my relocation to Atlanta and I may have found the very best the city has to offer. Now, before you tweet me your rebuttals, don’t even start to mention some invitation only $30 cocktail snooty butt ass bar that the regular person can’t enjoy. Brown at the Bar is and will always be for the people, the proletariat, and down to Mars. Without further ado, the Ticonderoga Club.


Ticonderoga Club is tucked in the corner of Krog Street Market. It’s a pretty small bar that doubles as a restaurant, but we wouldn’t be here if the drinks weren’t the star of the show. Don’t show up here 4 or 5 deep on the weekend expecting to find a seat or even stand around for that matter. There’s a hostess that will seat you if space is available. I highly recommend checking this place out on a weekday to up your chances of sitting at the bar. Watching these mixologists at work is truly something special. Not only are these guys very good at their jobs, they also happen to be some pretty cool dudes.

IMG_5675Look at that snazzy bar top!

One of my favorite things about Ticonderoga is their seasonal menus. Every time I’ve been, there’s been a different menu with only their staple Ticonderoga Cup remaining. You can say this place never gets old. They also have illustrations of the drinks on the menu which is pretty neat when you’re someone like me looking for what’s gonna photograph the best. The best drink I’ve had from them so far has been the Horsepower, which tastes exactly how it sounds. It’s a rush of flavor that literally goes from 0 to 100 over the course of a sip.


These drinks will sneak up on you. Two is good for a very happy buzz but 3 will hit you like a truck with its lights off. It’s a great place to have an afterwork treat or some quality libations before a night at a more upbeat place. If you and your friends have some money to spend, try their “Chuck Wagon.” It’s a 48oz cut of steak meant to be shared by 6 and even comes with the glory of a giant bell being rang and some other wait staff theatrics I won’t spoil. Their food menu is pretty fancy for my tastes. I’m no foodie and barely know what any of the menu items are but the people say the food is bomb. I’ll take their word for it.


That about wraps things up! Have you been to Ticonderoga Club? Is it in your top 5? Do you want other suggestions for a night out? Let me know on Twitter @ThatDakari!

Hennessy The Original XO – Worth $200?

It’s a new year and Brown at the Bar is back like cooked crack. If you know what that means, you know what that means. It’s been a minute so I’m treating you guys to a very special liquor review to start things off. Today we have the highly touted and rather expensive Hennessy The Original XO. Retailing at $179.99 in my neck of the woods, it’s the most expensive bottle I’ve ever bought and triple the price of the more common Hennessy VSOP, VS, and Remy Martins of the same line. Now, I know that Hennessy has been getting a bad wrap from the everyday drinker as of late Continue reading “Hennessy The Original XO – Worth $200?”

Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey

Yes, Japanese whiskey. Today’s post is made possible by the good people at Suntory. First of all, check out this awesome product description.

From the magnificence of nature in the Land of the Rising Sun and the subtleties of its varied seasons

From the deep source of its pure waters
From the hands and hearts of its best artisans
Comes a whisky
Born from the Japanese way

Speaking to the soul and awakening our senses,
Taking us back to where it all began.
Suntory Whisky embodies the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and Japanese people.
Suntory Whisky is the fusion of the delicate forces of Japanese nature itself combined
with the passion and precision of the best Japanese artisans.

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Chicago Does Whiskey Well!

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Tequila Time!

If you didn’t already know, today is National Margarita Day! If you’re asking what does that have to do with the post title, margaritas (we’ll call them “margs” for short) are supposed to be made with tequila. I, personally, am not a huge fan of margaritas year-round but they are a fun go-to drink choice for when the weather is a bit hotter. I’m already looking forward to Cinco de Mayo. As we know from the 5 Golden Rules to Follow post, the quality of tequila used to make your marg will be dependent on the type of bar you’re at. Your standard run of the mill Mexican restaurant will probably serve you something you’ve never heard of while more upscale places will mix your margs with brands I’ll be comparing in this post. The worst thing I’ve had a margarita prepared with was Everclear, 30oz of Everclear margarita.
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Cheers to 2017!

First things first, happy New Year to everyone! 2016 was one hell of a ride, but thankfully we all made it to 2017 safely. For me, 2016 was a year of exploration. Some of my first time sips from the year include Booker’s Bourbon, Blanton’s Single Barrel, and Don Julio 1942. 2017 started off Continue reading “Cheers to 2017!”