Montgomery’s Perfect Bar?

Brown at the Bar back in effect on a wonderful Sunday! I’ve been very busy lately putting my life together. Things are falling into place at their own pace but I’m always on time for the bar. Today I have a little known standout for Montgomery, AL, The Tipping Point. 

The Tipping Point calls itself “Montgomery’s most unique bar and restaurant.” As a native of the Gump, I can unfortunately attest to the bar being set pretty low. Montgomery isn’t a very fun place and the dining and bar scene is very lacking compared to the other cities in Alabama. On the bright side, Tipping Point did steal my heart on my first visit. I ended up being there for way longer than I’d planned. There’s both inside an outside seating as well as a lawn with picnic tables perfect for summer nights. It’s a very cute place and appropriate for both groups and dates. Let’s talk food!

Tipping Point Menu

Look at those extremely affordable prices! Look at that varied selection! I ordered the BBQ flatbread which ended up being basically a personal pizza. I can’t resist the call of delicious pulled pork. It was actually much better than I expected! Next time I’m going to try the grown up treats. Alcohol infused desserts are usually awesome. As far as bar food goes, it’s hard to find a menu as affordable and wide as this one. On to what we really came here for, the drinks!

Tipping Point Drink Menu
Tipping Point Drink Menu

I ordered three drinks on this outing instead of my usual two just to write about because this place is awesome and everyone deserves to know so. At first glance I saw the Molly cocktail and read “Prosecco” as “Percocet.” I’m that type of person. Anyways, my first drink was the Hampstead Highball. I generally start with a bourbon cocktail whenever I can. It was mixed very well. I don’t remember the peach flavor very well but I can also admit that I wasn’t paying much attention at the time. My drink evaporated before I even thought to take a picture.

Charleston Fizz
Charleston Fizz

My second drink was the Charleston Fizz. This was a real treat. Grand Manier is one of my favorite cocktail ingredients. It’s very hard for a good bartender to go wrong with it on the list. This drink was delicious. The color and glass alone are enough to get your full attention. The peach flavor in this cocktail was perfect. I could drink the Charleston Fizz forever for the rest of my life. It’s that good! It’s also surprisingly strong. I could feel this drink with every sip but not necessarily taste the alcohol apart from the other ingredients. A perfect cocktail.

Gin Joint
Gin Joint

My third drink was the Gin Joint. I’ve slowly been getting into the world of gin and it’s been very hit or miss so far. The IPA and Grapefruit are two things I typically don’t like but I decided to give this a try anyway. The Gin Joint is a tart one. It was very well made and, especially for grapefruit fans, I’d recommend giving it a try. If you are like me and not big on those ingredients don’t expect the be converted with this one. It did begin to taste better with bigger sips. The flavors really do work together in an interestingly “smoky” way. This is one for the adventurous drinkers.

Overall I really enjoyed The Tipping Point. I’ll definitely be back, probably pretty soon at that. If you’re ever in Montgomery give them a try. Tipping Point is located in the Hampstead area far east in Montgomery. I saw a few other wine bars and cafes popping up out there. No clue if they’re all open yet but the district seems to have a bright future ahead of itself if the other businesses are as good as Tipping Point. Happy drinking!

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