Hennessy & Crown Summer Cocktails

Seasonal cocktails are always a fun change up to your regular drink diet. You can disagree if you’d like but I think the best drinks are made solely for the summer. Today we have some wonderful cocktails from Heather B. You may recognize her from co-hosting Sway Universe on SiriusXM, but she’s also an amazing mixologist! I found some great Hennessy and Crown Royal creations of her’s that I’d like to share with you all.

Hennessy Hurricanes

Hennessy Pure White
Hennessy Black
Pineapple Orange Juice
Simple Syrup
Pineapples, cherries, oranges (optional)


Crown Royal Apple Coladas

Crown Royal Apple
Green Apple Pucker
Ocean Spray Apple Juice w/ White Cranberry


Crown Royal Apple Popsicles

Crown Royal Apple
Ocean Spray Apple Juice w/ White Cranberry
Citrus bitters
Green Apples
Blender and Popsicle molds


There you have it! You can always get creative and use these recipes as inspiration to make your own. I can attest to the rare Hennessy Pure White being an excellent mixer with fruit flavors. Make sure to check out Heather B’s website for more recipes here and to follow her on IG @ thehappyhourwhb and Twitter @thehappyhourwhb.

Happy drinking!

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