Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey

Yes, Japanese whiskey. Today’s post is made possible by the good people at Suntory. First of all, check out this awesome product description.

From the magnificence of nature in the Land of the Rising Sun and the subtleties of its varied seasons

From the deep source of its pure waters
From the hands and hearts of its best artisans
Comes a whisky
Born from the Japanese way

Speaking to the soul and awakening our senses,
Taking us back to where it all began.
Suntory Whisky embodies the harmony that exists between Japanese nature and Japanese people.
Suntory Whisky is the fusion of the delicate forces of Japanese nature itself combined
with the passion and precision of the best Japanese artisans.


This was a very satisfying acquisition. I’d seen this whiskey posted by multiple bloggers and strategically placed in the background of many a Japan location tagged Instagram post. Being in Alabama, I thought it would be a long long time before I would be able to get my hands on a bottle because of the limited liquor selection here, but a friend was noble enough to secure the bag for me. Shout out to Nick. Now they sell it in Alabama and I can have as much as I can afford.

This is a top shelf selection. I believe it is around $60 here in Alabama. That is a $60 very well spent. This is among the favorites that I’ve tried, in company with others like Koval, Angel’s Envy, and Elmer T. Lee. Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a solid piece for your home bar. The nose is very floral, somewhat sweet. The palate is delicious to say the least. Expect honey, some cinnamon, and a medium orange flavor. The finish is not the longest but clean and long enough to savor some more of that fruit flavor.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 8.29.44 PM.png

Suntory’s Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a great introduction to the world of Japanese whiskey. It definitely makes me want to try more of the country’s offerings. Suntory has two more whiskeys, Hakushu and Yamazaki, that are aged 12 years and 17 years respectively.

Happy drinking!

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