St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails!

Today I have some Jameson Irish Whiskey based cocktails for you all to enjoy! These are pretty simple cocktails you can make at home without a wide variety of ingredients and tools. Let’s get started.

Irish Redhead20170317_110052

3 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 oz. Grenadine
5-6 oz. Sprite
A dab of lemon or lime juice

This is a very safe drink. It’s hard to go wrong with Sprite and Grenadine in anything. It can really pack a punch too depending on how heavy handed you want to get with the whiskey.


Honey Mint Julep20170317_110301

First, mix one part honey with one part boiling water. Just enough water to cover the bottom of the pot if you’re making one serving.

Press some mint leaves at the bottom of your glass. You can leave them there or remove them after pressing. I removed mine. Remember that mint is a very strong flavor.

Fill half the glass with ice (preferably crushed) then add the honey water to the top of the ice and one shot of Jameson.

Add more ice on top and pour in the remaining honey water.

Garnish with mint leaves.

This drink is very refreshing. It’s not very strong either. I’d recommend it for a hot day or some relaxing zen time. It’s similar in taste to a mojito because of how light and sweet it is, but misses the fruity rum kick that makes mojitos so delicious. It is a little harder to make and requires mint leaves which is not a very common household item but if you’re a whisky/ey fan it’s a must have. Mint Juleps are everything! Peppermint oil is a feasible replacement but it is extremely potent and it doesn’t look as fancy! Look at those leaves!


Jameson Mule

Add a handful of ice to a glass.
Add one (or two) shots of Jameson.
Add two or three dabs of lemon or lime juice.
Top off the glass with ginger beer. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic work fine.

This drink isn’t for everybody. It’s a step up from the classic whiskey and ginger ale with much more ginger flavor. It also is a near guaranteed route to getting pretty lit. I made mine with alcoholic ginger beer and immediately felt it. If you’re not a big fan of ginger, I’d recommend sticking to ginger ale over ginger beer.


Irish Vandal

This recipe requires you to combine the ingredients into a shaker. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, get creative and engineer two plastic cups together with one inside the mouth of the other.

1 shot of Jameson
3 splashes of lemon juice
2 splashes of grapefruit juice
Half a shot of simple syrup
A handful of muddled raspberries.
Shake all of this up and pour over ice.

This drink is really delicious and my favorite out of all the ones in this post. The raspberries are the dominant flavor in the cocktail and combined with the simple syrup give the drink a pure fruit taste. You may want to add a little more Jameson to the mix if you feel the need to taste the alcohol in the drink. Highly recommend this one.


Irish Cider

Fill a glass with ice
Add 1 ½ oz. Jameson
Add a half shot of dark rum (I used Bacardi Black)
Add a shot of apple cider
Add a shot’s worth of lemon juice
Add a shot of agave nectar or simple syrup
Dab just a little bit of ground cinnamon
Stir it up and enjoy

This is a very warm and spicy drink. It tastes like the Fall. I personally think it would be much more enjoyable if served warm. Even cold, it’s still a perfect drink for the cold weather we’re having in March. Definitely something I’d sit in the house and drink while studying.


Sour Vandal

Add ice to a glass
Add 1 shot of Jameson
Add 3 splashes of lemon juice
Add 2 splashes of grapefruit juice
Optional: Dab of Grenadine

This is an Irish twist on the whiskey sour. The grapefruit juice is sour enough to mask the taste of the whiskey almost completely. The lemon juice takes it over the top. I’d only recommend this drink if you are a fan of sour flavors. Adding grenadine completely changes the entire cocktail. If you let it sit at the bottom of the glass, you have a perfect mix of sweet and sour flavors. This recipe with the grenadine and white rum instead of Jameson would be delicious.


And there you have it folks. If you’re not a fan of green but would still like to drink to the holiday, try one of these cocktails. Jameson is my favorite Irish whiskey. You can’t go wrong mixing it with just Sprite or electing to go with the suave Jameson & Cranberry. Cheers!


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