Starting your own Home Bar

Welcome to another addition of Brown at the Bar! Today I want to share some tips I came across for starting your own home bar. I know that a lot of people that drink recreationally dream of having a home bar one day.

Build it up!
A common misconception of home bars is that you buy everything at once. For those that can afford to, I’d say go ahead. For those of us who aren’t able, I’d recommend starting with your favorites. Buy bottles you enjoy, maybe two at a time, when you go shopping until your bar begins to fill out. Remember that you aren’t likely to be hosting guests every weekend so some bottles you buy will be sitting around in your bar much longer than they’d last being brought to a party. has an awesome list of good alcohol under $25.

Bargain shop!
Also, if you have any military friends try to use them to buy your alcohol on military bases. It is significantly cheaper than what you find in state controlled stores.

Take advantage when you travel!
The last little tidbit I have for you guys is to always visit a liquor store when you travel. Selections vary from state to state and all states don’t allow liquor to be shipped by the mail. Take advantage of any opportunity to stock your home bar with a hard to find item.

Go beyond bottles!
Bartenders don’t pour drinks into one size fits all cups. They don’t stir drinks with tablespoons either. Stocking your home bar goes beyond alcohol. You will need garnishes, mixers, utensils, and other things. Peep this awesome home bar essentials checklist by Real Simple here.

See the rest of the tips for stocking your home bar at Gentleman’s Gazette. As always, remember to share this post with your friends. Happy drinking and cheers!


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