The Best Menu in Tuscaloosa

Welcome back to another addition of Brown at the Bar! This post is dedicated to my favorite place to eat and drink in Tuscaloosa, AL. I’ve spent the past 6 years of my life in Tuscaloosa as a student and watching the city’s drink and dining scene evolve over the years has been a real treat. One place I’ve stumbled upon a few years ago has become a favorite. Avenue Pub, the perfect place for a quick meal and drink between or after classes or a lunch/dinner date with the parents.Being that this is a drinks blog, I’m going to focus on their bar selection. The food is wonderful though, I promise that. Usually I get a “Loretta Lemonade” which is a bourbon, orange liqueur, and lemon juice blend. It’s about as good as a whiskey and lemonade can get. The extra orange flavor works well to take away some of the acidic bite you’d expect from the lemon. This particular day I had two new drinks, the “Gin Mill” and the “405.”

Gin Mill

The “Gin Mill” consists of Pinnacle Gin, St. Germain, fresh squeezed kiwi, and lime juice. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts I’m not a big fan of gin but I also know it’s best mixed with something so I took a plunge and tried this cocktail. The kiwi flavor is 75% of this drink. If that’s a particular fruit you’re a fan of I’d certainly recommend trying this offering. It also looks really really good with the seeds floating around in the mason jar. The citrus makes it hard to really notice an alcohol flavor. Don’t let the gin content scare you away from this one.


My second drink was the “405.” It was a little too cold to be drinking tequila for my personal enjoyment but I figured I’d try this for my readers that live through tequila year round. The “405” consists of Tijuana Sweet Heat Tequila (which I hear is great for shots), fresh strawberries, balsamic vinegar (yes really), mint, and lime. This is one of the funkiest ingredient listings I’ve ever come across. Oddly enough, I could taste each ingredient here except the vinegar. I’m also unsure of how that tastes by itself so I may have been simply overlooking it. This is a perfect summer drink. If you’re a big tequila fan, order this if you ever visit Avenue Pub. Even if you’re not a big drinker per say, you’d be able to drink these endlessly and effortlessly it’s so good.

Fruit chunks are always a plus

The cocktails ran me for $7 each. They do $5 Tito’s cocktails during the weekday happy hour though. Speaking of happy hours, Avenue Pub has a $5 happy hour burger that is a miniature version of their regular offering, known as the best burger in town. They also do $5 double mimosas during brunch! This day, I had the French toast for the first time. It wasn’t a mistake at all. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

The French toast looks as good as it tastes

My favorite dinner dish is their fish and chips. They also have a salmon dish that is beyond delicious and a chicken club that always satisfies. Please try this place if you’re ever in town. Hands down the best offering in Tuscaloosa. Check the rest of their menu here.


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