Chicago Does Whiskey Well!

Welcome back to Brown at the Bar! Today I have a wonderful wheat whiskey for you all to try. Straight from the first distillery in Chicago since Big Tuna Accardo and Al Capone’s heyday I present to you, KOVAL. Established in 2008, KOVAL had made quite a name for itself in the whiskey world while also producing gin and vodka. My friend Hagen, feeling curious I suppose, picked this out at the local liquor store. So let’s get to this review…

“Hand selected barrel” they say…

Here in Alabama KOVAL retails at $60 which is definitely a top shelf whiskey for the selection we’re provided by the evil empire better known as the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. It’s up there with some heavyweights like Blanton’s and Booker’s. We had a taste of barrel #1397. This is not a whiskey I’d encourage anyone that is faint of heart to smell before trying. Pouring a shot, it’s very very spicy on the nose. The average person would say “it smells like it’s strong.” Don’t let that nose deter you though, KOVAL is absolutely delicious. Expect a fully barrage of flavor as soon as it touches your tongue. There is an immense woody flavor to it. If you aren’t a person that likes more barrel than fruit or spice flavor it may be a bit overwhelming. An interesting thing about Koval is the subtle banana taste hidden behind all that oak. It goes down smooth without the slightest of bites. What I love most about the finish was how long it stays with you. Maybe 30 or so seconds can pass and you’ll find yourself still sucking your mouth for remnants of that flavor. I found myself wishing for a KOVAL flavored Laffy Taffy. On ice, this is even smoother in the finish. I didn’t get as much of the banana flavor as I did in the shot. I’d personally recommend drinking this straight. Savage, right?

This is a great addition for your personal home bar. Unless you’re bringing out high dollar liquor on the regular, I’d keep this one stashed away from the party and reserved for people that really appreciate good whiskey and for special occasions. KOVAL gets a 5 out of 5 in my book. Chicago just got even cooler in my book. Share this post with your friends and as always, cheers and happy drinking!

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