Taste Test: Talenti x Liquor?

Welcome to the first taste testing of the blog! This is where I’ll be trying cocktails I run across online or from word of mouth and giving my opinions on them. This first installment is Twitter inspired, via @TimelineAngel.

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Caramel Apple Pie x Tennessee Fire


The Talenti is good. The Jack is not so good by itself. I’d recommend using Fireball instead if you’re drinking solely for the cinnamon flavor. Yes, Fireball. Together, my first mix was just “ok” solely because the Jack overpowers the Talenti. They got really heavy handed with the cinnamon flavor in Lynchburg. On my second attempt, I used less of the Jack so my Talenti was more of a splash than a float. This is actually delicious. The pie crust and apple chunks are a nice addition too.

Caramel Apple Pie x Crown Royal Vanilla


I’m not a fan of flavored whiskeys but Crown Royal Vanilla is one that I do find tolerable. I will say it’s very good for mixing with dark sodas. How is it with Talenti? This mix is a cheat code. The first mix was perfect. You can make somewhat of a float with this one because it’s that good. Adding some coke and going all the way would be highly recommended if you’re not trying to get completely ice cream wasted. I’d order this for dessert anywhere.

Peppermint Bark x Tanqueray


I’ll admit, I did not have high expectations for this mix at all. I, for one, hate gin with a passion. It reminds me of this oldhead I had that wore linen suits year round and made me fetch him Budweisers whenever he was around. I also associate gin with overly long chin hair for whatever reason. Anyways, this wasn’t bad at all. At first, I went light on the gin to spare myself from the expected horror but I ended up adding more just to confirm that this wasn’t bad at all. Something about that peppermint flavor is offsetting the bite of the gin. They kind of compliment each other. The taste and unexpected success of this blend made it my favorite. I’d totally surprise guests with this at a swanky dinner party.

Mediterranean Mint x Tanqueray

This is disgusting. Before I rushed to judgement I went back to try the Talenti by itself and it isn’t pleasant. Double technical foul. Both participants are ejected. I already knew it would be terrible with the two whiskeys so I tried to recreate magic with the gin and no. No. I wouldn’t even serve this to Old Yeller behind the shed.

Happy Drinking

P.S. Alcohol and ice cream is dehydrating. If you don’t drink something alongside this cocktail your buzz will only be a headache.

2 thoughts on “Taste Test: Talenti x Liquor?

  1. Oooooh I like this, well the crown vanilla with the talenti anyways I have to try it I only had it with egg nog and ginger ale ooooh and a&w cream soda didn’t even think about ice cream! 😻 Good post!


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